Anaerobic Digestion Plants

As well as having successfully assisted our clients in the planning and permitting of biomass plants, we are also proud to be involved with a variety of AD projects.


One of our most recent AD projects, a 25,000 tonne p/a Plant in Anglesey, Wales, has just received full planning permission and we are currently awaiting the issue of the Environmental Permit. The plant will become a facility of regional importance, and help greatly in diverting waste from landfill. The project also helps support a growing 'waste market' and seeks to add value to waste as a secondary resource.


We are very experienced in dealing with the issues involved with permit and planning applications and as a result our success rate is high.


From the start, our consultants are always available  by phone or e-mail to help with questions or problems arising during projects, as well as providing helpful, efficient responses to one-off queries. Some of our clients use our services simply to provide a 'secondary opinion' to their existing consultants, where specialist technical advice may be required. This way, our clients can make informed decisions, especially in evolving technologies such as AD.

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