Total Environmental & Waste Planning Solutions for your Business

At Oaktree we are able to take on any project, no matter the scale - we'll be ready to assist. We can discuss ideas, provide advice on how to reach those goals whilst remaining within environmental and planning law. We can help you gain permissions and can assist your business in all other areas of environmental management.


We specialise in waste management and our senior team includes ex-regulators with over 30 years' experience.  We're also recognised nationally, andduring the years 2008 to 2014 we were the chosen consultant for more than 5% of all waste applications submitted in the UK, with a 98% success record, which is maintained to this day.

Call for bespoke training courses and our continuing competence training sessions for clients.



Our new Intel Falcon 8+ is now flying, with our 2 qualified pilots. Whether you need a simple countour plan, aerial photography or a full terrain map we can survey any site size.


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