At Oaktree we are able to train you or your workforce in preparation for waste management activities, or to help you build upon your existing waste qualifications. We offer a specialised training programme tailored to your businesses needs and where possible will train you at your site or business.


In addition to general training we provide assessment service for accredited WAMITAB qualifications using our registered assessors. We are now an approved WAMITAB centre, registering candidates,  overseeing the assessment process before certificates are issued by WAMITAB.  The work of our assessors is verified by our internal verifiers before certificates can be issued by WAMITAB.


We are also able to offer fast track assessments (subject to site suitability, experience and availability of evidence) - if your qualification is needed quickly and can also arrange cover until your certificate is issued. 


Contact us for more information on waste management training.  If you already have a waste COTC or operator competence certificate (or relevant units) don't forget that you are required to undertake a continuing competence test every two years.  We do not provide the test service but it can be booked through WAMITAB.


Do call us for assistance with refresher training to help you prepare for the test and to liaise with the EA, NRW or SEPA if you have any problems.  We can provide cover in the interim and even use our qualifications for your permit applications while you are waiting for your certificate to be issued.

More information about WAMITAB - The Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board

WAMITAB is a not for profit organisation and is the awarding body for over 120 qualifications, the details of which can be found on their web site at https://wamitab.org.uk

For continuing competence please refer to this web page https://wamitab.org.uk/competence/continuing-competence/