Environmental Permits (EP)

Your proposed site activity may require an Environmental Permit, which is issued by The Environment Agency (EA) upon completion of a successful application and provided you can meet the rules of the permit. There are numerous types of permit available, so even if your activity is new, a 'Bespoke' permit can be issued to cover your site. 


We work on many Environmental Permit applications throughout the year, for all types of sites - some of which are listed on the left. We have a good relationship with the EA but are not afraid to challenge it's decisions.  We prepare and submit all required documentation for permit applications and then ensure regular contact between ourselves and the EA for our clients to acheive faster progress with applications.


We have developed a strong reputation for achieving success with Environmental Permit applications, and our company is probably one of the largest submitters of EP applications across the country. We also offer a fast-track service for site competency training (COTC) which you will require if applying for a permit (and you don't already have a qualified waste manager on site). If you need technically competent cover whilst gaining these qualifications, we can also help - please call 01606 558833 for further help.